What is Periodontology?

Periodontology represents a branch of dental medicine that is obligated to treat the support structures of the teeth. Some of the concerns are gingival (gums), periodontal ligament, jaw bone and alveolar bone (ridge)

If dental hygiene is not maintained after meals ,a layer of food remains and bacteria is formed on teeth..

Precisely those bacteria cause gum inflammation. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammation of gums and is the most common cause of tooth decay.

Gum bleeding is one of the most common symptoms that the disease has progressed and that treatment is required.

If proper treatment is not applied, the inflammation progresses in deeper structures of periodontal and can cause periodontitis.

This can lead to the destruction of important tooth structure (the ligament that binds your tooth to the bone). The result of this is weakening and disjoint and later a complete loss of the tooth.

Irregular oral hygiene and irregular visits to the dentist are one of the factors that lead to periodontitis.
This type of diseases and infection can be prevented and slowed down and that is why periodontological treatment is meant for all patients of all ages.
Regular maintenance of oral hygiene, as well as removal of dental caries while visiting a dentist, are key to stopping the progress of the disease in the case that the disease is already present.

City Dent will provide a detailed overview, establish a diagnosis and offer an adequate therapy that will help regenerate the infected tissue and preserve the tooth.


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