Orthodontics is tasked with aligning the misaligned teeth, teeth lines, jaw and facial structure among children and adults.
What is considered by orthodontics is the application of removable or fixed braces.
The goal of orthodontic therapy is achieving functional and aesthetic alignment of the teeth.
Our orthodontic therapy is guided by facial structure, meaning the goal is not just to align the teeth but for the entire face to be aligned.

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Removable orthodontic brace

Removable orthodontic brace


Fixed orthodontic brace

Fixed orthodontic brace can be placed in an outer or inner side of the teeth.

Classical conventional fixed brace is typically made out of metal locks, arches, tubes, gums and other elements.

The locks can be ceramic or sapphire translucent, then we can talk about aesthetic locks, although the metallic ones are not that unaestethic.

With these devices we produce a soft continuous force that is biologically acceptable for therapy.

Teeth straightening aligners

The advancement of technology has offered us new ways of aligning teeth this time with these translucent aligners.

A 3D scan of the teeth is required after which software processing produces a convincing model of the teeth.

It’s required for it to be carried the entire day, 2-3 weeks. A complete compliance is required from the patient.  It’s advised for correcting smaller misalignments.