Oral surgery

Oral surgery is a branch of the dental medical field that encompasses different surgical procedures in the oral crevice. Besides the sheer mentioning of the word surgery invokes deep feelings of discomfort amongst most people, the medical field and its techniques have advanced a great deal that now we can offer you completely painless procedures in a very short time period.
In City Dent, we are especially proud of our large and still growing number of satisfied patients that required surgery. With a great deal of efficiency our methods achieve great results and fast patient recovery.


The most common oral surgical procedures are:

  • Implantology (Click here to find out more)
  • Extracting a tooth and the remaining root
  • Molar teeth extraction
  • Modeling and bone regeneration
  •  Apicoectomy – A root end surgery
  •  Different kinds of procedures with certain goals in mind like aesthetic and the functionality of the oral crevice.

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